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Pour La Vie (the “Company”) based on personal data protection laws, the customer profile for the occasion of the Company’s operations achieved ( hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data” ) , in order to do the duty of protection and implementation of these policies.

1.      Obtain personal information about

1.1        Customers who order our goods and services, request a quote, contact the various issues involved in merchandising or activity , fill in the customer to store data , application and various questionnaires and other necessary occasions , the company must obtain personal information.

1.2       For customers with personal information , the Company entered into the implementation of the provisions of the disposal, the overhaul organization system and other measures to fulfill the responsibility to protect .

*The term “Personal Information” is defined by personal data legislation, such as customer’s name (legal name), age, date of birth, telephone number, email address, address, company name, credit card number, bank account number or other equivalent information, that can clearly show the customer’s identity. Any data that enable to identify the customer may also define as Personal Information.

2.      Related to the purpose of the use of personal information obtained.

2.1        The personal information use mainly for the following purposes. However, the data to be used for purposes other than the following situations must be made before its express purpose, before whom the consent of customer consent.

  • Answer enquiries or information requests from customers;
  • Conduct customer survey in order improve our services;
  • Confirm registration to company events;
  • Confirm the subscription of e-newsletter;
  • Confirm registration of membership or related services;
  • Send notice to the winners of lucky draw or other rewards, or free gifts;
  • With prior consent from custov mer, send out visual image or video to magazine or media for promotion purpose;
  • Use in personnel recruitment offer and notice;
  • Use in any anonymous statistics.

2.2        In addition to the foregoing, in the case of prior consent has been agreed with the customer, sometimes companies will be the company’s services and cooperation in various activities to send information to the customer. However, the customer has the right to apply for suspension of the service.

2.3       If there is any conflict between the Privacy Policy and the General Terms of the official website, besides some special occasions, the Privacy Policy of the official website take precedence in relation to our service.

3.      About how we share personal information with third-party

3.1        In principle, without prior consent from customers, our company will not disclose or share personal information to third-party. However, in order to fulfill customers’ objective and to provide better services, our company may share personal information with some partner companies (“the partners” ). Moreover, if a customer requests for the service, from our best knowledge, directly related to the partner’s business, our company will share information. In this situation, our company will sign agreement with the partners to assign the responsibility to protect our customers’ privacy and strictly request the partners not to disclose and provide personal information other parties.

3.2       When police or other legal departments of the government requests for any disclosure of personal information, without the limitation of this policy, our company will follow the order or instruction by the government officials.

4.      Staff training

Our company will conduct regular training to our staff and all employees (including part time and temporary workers) regarding the importance of the protection of personal information we collected.

5.      About how we modify and delete personal information

5.1        Our company shall response immediately to request of termination of any direct marketing materials to be sent to our customers.

5.2       On a reasonable ground, our company shall response positively to any requests of review, modification and deletion of any personal information in our database.

6.      Legal compliance

Our company will absolutely comply with legal regulations about the usage of personal information. We will also review and update related policies regularly.

7. About how we modify and update the privacy policy

When our company makes any material changes or modifications in this notice, we will make announcement in our official website. Customers can read the revised policy in our official website so as to understand how we collect and use their personal information, please visit our company website regularly. Besides, if our company uses personal data in occasions different from when the personal data is collected, we will also disclose them in our company website.

8.      About Cookie

8.1         When customers visit a website, a cookie will be send to your computer in order to remember your browsing history and input contents, etc. In your next visit, the site will be able to distinguish your information and make changes according to the customer identity. Our company uses Cookie in order to provide better service to customers and it does not related to specific personal information of customers.

Our company uses Cookie in the following purposes.

  • To remember customers’ registered information when they login to our system. It helps to improve our online services and conveniences, e.g. personalized customer services etc.
  • To broadcast advertisement in websites of other industries based on customers’ search preferences and their uses of our company’s website.
  • To count the number of users and visits we received in our company website.
  • To improve our service and maintain security system, remind customers to login and reconfirm password to their accounts after a period of time.     

8.2        Moreover, we have authorized the third parties, such as Yahoo! and Google to broadcast our advertisement in other websites of our industry. The third parties, such as Yahoo! and Google, will base on the data in our Cookie to broadcast our advertisement. Customers can disable Google’s Cookie function in Google advertisement termination page to stop the advertisements in your search page (Or you can disable the use of Cookie sent by the third parties in the Network Advertising Initiative page.)

8.3        In addition, Customers can set their Cookie permission in their browser as they wish. They can choose from “accept all Cookies”, “decline all Cookies” or “inform users when receive Cookie invitation” in their computers. There are different settings on browsers, please read the details of your browser’s user information. Please be reminded that if you decline all Cookies, you may not be able to access some services provided by our company.

9.      Data access and correction

You have the right to, at any time, request access to, and request us to make correction of your personal data stored in our records. To exercise your rights, please email us at

In the event that you wish to access or correct your personal data, we may request you to provide personal details in order to verify your identity. We will endeavour to respond to your request within 30 days and we may charge you a reasonable fee for complying with your access request.

10.      Enquiry

If you have any queries about our Privacy Statement, please email us at

Last update: 20/10/2022

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